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Aircraft Services

Kagiu Aviation offers Private Jets in all sizes and categories as per your business requirement. All these privately chartered executive aircrafts are equipped with high levels of security, and maintains best of the industry’s safety standards. Apart from which we take care of all basic comfort, privacy and all the convenience which you would expect during your travel.
We make sure our private jet services are there for your transportation needs as per your business schedule no matter where you are located. You will be highly satisfied with our unparalleled professionalism in our services coupled with a competitive pricing.
The secret of our success lies in our attention to client needs and delivering the same in the best possible way. Our team at Kagiu strives to exceed your expectations and our entire Kagiu team will be aligned to your itinerary, schedule, confidentiality and budget. The entire service revolves around your comfort and satisfaction and customized as per your needs. We are proud of our reputation and our ethos and our testimonials have kept us encouraging working better and meeting and exceeding your expectations for years to come. Private Jet charter services will never be the same once you hire our services and experience the best available provider.

Private Jet FleetAccess 1500+ Private Jets Globally

Experience a broad range of superior aircraft powered by our Dedicated Fleet of over 200 aircraft and the 2,100+ safety-vetted aircraft

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Citation Ultra


Citation Excel/XLS
Hawker 800XP

Super Midsize

Challenger 300
Challenger 350
Citation X
Hawker 4000


Challenger 850
Challenger 604
Challenger 605
Gulfstream IV

Ultra-Long Range

Global 7500
Global 6000
Global 5000
Gulfstream V

Our Private Aircraft Options

VIP Airliner


VIP airliners provide the most considerable amount of space and amenities of all Airbus & Boeing Aircraft families, featuring customized interiors, usually including a private bedroom. Usually used by sports teams or VIP travel, they can comfortably carry from 19 to over a hundred passengers on ranges up to 5,500 – 7,500 miles.

  • Airbus 319
  • Boeing 737-500
  • Dornier 328
  • Lineage 1000
  • Boeing BBJ
  • Airbus ACJ

Ultra Long Range Jets


Ultra long range aircraft are designed explicitly for flights over 12 hours. Typically carrying from 8 to 19 passengers, they make an excellent choice for non-stop intercontinental travel in medium-size groups. They are the newest category of aircraft to enter the marketplace.

Global 5000

Falcon 7X


Global 6000

Falcon 8X


Global 7500



Global Express/XRS




Heavy Jets


Similar in capabilities to large commercial aircraft, heavy jets are the preferred mode of travel on intercontinental flights. Aircraft in this category can comfortably carry 8 to 18 passengers, with ranges varying from 2,000 to over 4,000 miles, up to approximately 4 to 10 hours of flight time.

Challenger 601

Falcon 2000


Legacy 600

Challenger 604

Falcon 2000EX


Legacy 650

Challenger 605

Falcon 2000LX



Challenger 850

Falcon 900



Challenger 601

Falcon 900EX



Super Midsize Jets


Super midsize jets are the ultimate cost-effective choice for longer flights, as they are equipped with most of the amenities found on larger jets and are designed to comfortably accommodate passengers and luggage. They can typically accommodate 8 to 10 passengers on distances of 2,000 to 2,500 miles non-stop.

Challenger 300

Citation X+


Challenger 350

Citation X

Hawker 1000

Citation Latitude

Falcon 50

Hawker 4000

Citation Sovereign+

Falcon 50EX

Legacy 450

Citation Sovereign


Legacy 500



Light Jets


Light business jets can typically seat 5 to 6 passengers comfortably and are often equipped with reclining seats and air conditioning. They are best for short-range trips – up to about 1,000 miles non-stop or about 1 to 2 hours contingent on the number of passengers and weight on board.

Beechjet 400

Citation Encore

Hawker 400XP

Citation Bravo

Citation Encore+

Honda Jet

Citation CJ1+

Citation II / IISP

Learjet 35A

Citation CJ1

Citation I / ISP

Learjet 40/XR

Citation CJ2+

Citation Jet

Learjet 45/XR

Citation CJ2

Citation S/II

Learjet 55

Citation CJ3

Citation Ultra

Premier I

Citation CJ4

Citation V

Hawker 400XP



This category is perfect to access small airports with shorter runways. Carrying 4 to 5 passengers and equipped with minimal amenities, very light jets are a great choice for shorter flights under 750 miles. 

  • Citation Mustang
  • Citation M2

Very Light Jet


Turboprops are most efficient in low altitudes and speeds under 450 mph, which make them a cost-effective option for flights under two hours and landings at airports with short runways.

  • King Air 90
  • King Air 200
  • King Air 250
  • King Air 350
  • PC-12