Flight Terms & Refunds policy:

1.The charter will be confirmed upon receiving 100% advance payment.

2. Minimum charges levied would be for 2 hours flying per day.

3. The charter cost will be quoted subject to indicated flying time, overnight stay, waiting charges, etc. If there is any change to these parameters, the quote will be revised accordingly.

4. The flight is subject to clearance from weather, ATC and any other statutory agencies for which the clearance may be needed.

5. If any conditions of the charter change the quotation would be revised.

6. Crew layover in case of prolonged halts during the course of a single day at a particular station becomes the responsibility of the client booking the charter. The client would be responsible to make arrangements for lodging at an appropriate hotel as per Kagiu. In case Kagiu makes the arrangements, the same would be invoiced to the client.

7. Flight durations are indicated in NIL wind conditions and billing would be on actual time taken from engine start to engine off.

8. Flight schedules are subject to change or get diverted due to weather conditions or due to flight safety or due to operational restrictions. In such cases, the additional costs would have to be borne by the client.

9. Extension of watch hour charges if applicable will be on actuals.

10. Confirmation of charter should be done with full payment at the time of booking.

11. In case of foreign passengers, we require names, nationality, and passport number, date of issue and expiry of the passport and copy of valid Indian visa of the passengers travelling.

12. Kagiu will not be held liable for flight cancellation due to technical snag. In such cases, the amount would be fully refunded.

13. There are baggage restrictions to be adhered to. Baggage details (weight and dimensions) to be provided at the time of booking or before 24 hours.

14. Passengers are not permitted to carry any dangerous goods. All carry-on items and luggage items would be subject to security checks as per rules of Government of India.

15. General Cancellation policy:

A. 100% of the charter value shall be deducted less than 3 Days before scheduled departure.

B. 50% of the charter value shall be deducted less than 7 Days before scheduled departure.

C. Zero refund policies for a joy ride or city tour.

D. Zero refund incase of changes in routes by client after the payment. (Ex: Payment is made for Pune - Mumbai - Goa- Pune but cliently sudden changes to Pune-Mumbai - Pune route. In that case payment is not refundable or not advisable for next trip)

16. Force Majeure: (कभी-कभी तकनीकी समस्या या निवेशकों की मंजूरी के कारण हेलीकॉप्टर या निजी जेट की उड़ान उड़ान भरने से एक दिन पहले, उसी दिन रद्द हो सकती है)

a. Kagiu does not hold itself responsible for non-operation of charter for any unforeseen reasons such as bad weather, poor visibility, technical problem, non–availability of clearancesfrom ATC and other statutory authorities etc. If due to above reasons, the flight cannot take off from the originating station, the amount will be refunded.

b. The operators working with Kagiu always obtain the destination weather before departure. However, if due to sudden deterioration of weather en route/destination, the aircraft cannot land at the destination and has to return to the starting point or divert to some other airport, the actual flying time would be chargeable and balance if any, would be payable/refundable.

c. Kagiu is not responsible for any technical snag that develops in the aircraft which cannot be rectified within the time limit and affect the operation of flight.

d. If flight gets cancelled, client is not able do any legal complaints against company due to force majeure.

Helipad Requirement & Permission:

1. The location area of landing site, preferably sketch and co-ordinates (i.e. Latitude And Longitude) must be provided.

2. A fl at hard ground of 22 Meters & 100 Meters diameter, without any obstructions (i.e. High rise building, high tress, high tension wires etc.) around the area especially approach path is requiredfor landing and take-off of the helicopter.

3. Landing area should be marked “H” side of circle.

4. For landing on government property, public places and for dropping of petals, a written permission from the district collector or the magistrate or the commissioner of police mustbe obtained by the client. For landing on privately owned properties, permission from the owner of the property will be required. All arrangements for landing and take-off will be madeby the owner.


  • All charter videos & photos will be published after the fl ight on our social media & website galleries, incase of objection you need to inform us prior.

  • No need to sign the documents for email, website or what’s app terms and conditions.

Fraud Aware

  • We are not responsible for any payments related issues of any booking from vendors or agency on the name of Kagiu Aviation.

  • Kindly verify it before making any payments to agencies.

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If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us by e-mail director@kagiu.com

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